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Traditionally Innovative.

The Hirschvogel Automotive Group is one of the largest international automotive suppliers in the area of steel and aluminum forging as well as subsequent machining. Innovation has always been integral to our business. Perhaps this also explains why almost every car has a Hirschvogel component. After all, we do everything we can to achieve the best solution for each customer – no matter how challenging the task.

This consistent and persistent strive for improvements is more in demand today than ever before – even beyond our traditional core business, the automotive industry. Experience for yourself the various facets of our thriving innovation culture. “Traditionally innovative” is our motto. That applied yesterday, it applies today, and it will continue to apply tomorrow and thereafter.


Two Become One - Monoblock Input Shaft with Ready-for-assembly Lamellae Splines Saves Development and Production Costs

As system complexity in hybrid powertrains increases, so does the number of components required, thereby causing the costs for these systems to rise. This applies to the costs…

Increasing Performance Through Forged Components

This is the title of a publication of two Hirschvogel experts which has been published in the trade magazine ATZ heavyduty 01/March 2019.

You will find more information here.

The Lightweight Forging Initiative - 5 Years of Success

Almost 1,000 lightweighting suggestions for the chassis, powertrain and transmission of a hybrid passenger car as well as for the powertrain of a conventional truck: That is…


Rotor Shafts from Hirschvogel - Whatever You Would Like!

Hirschvogel has been a strong partner in the production of ready-for-assembly rotor shafts for electric traction motors in the automotive sector for many years now. Our specialty lies in hollow rotor shafts, which are called off in high annual volumes by our customers. However, even for small quantities and for different power ratings, we can optimally adapt to the needs of our customers thanks to the production processes available.