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Traditionally Innovative.

The Hirschvogel Group is one of the largest international automotive suppliers in the area of steel and aluminum forging as well as subsequent machining. Innovation has always been integral to our business. Perhaps this also explains why almost every car has a Hirschvogel component. After all, we do everything we can to achieve the best solution for each customer – no matter how challenging the task.

This consistent and persistent strive for improvements is more in demand today than ever before – even beyond our traditional core business, the automotive industry. Experience for yourself the various facets of our thriving innovation culture. “Traditionally innovative” is our motto. That applied yesterday, it applies today, and it will continue to apply tomorrow and thereafter.



Hirschvogel Establishes Inhouse Bicycle and Micromobility Business Unit

The Hirschvogel Group manufactures steel and aluminum components for the automotive industry. Now the family-owned company, headquartered in Upper Bavaria, has founded its own Bicycle and Micromobility Business Unit.

At its head is Michael Schleich, 49, who is responsible for Corporate Development at Hirschvogel and, as an avid cyclist, has a close affinity with the bicycle and micromobility sector. “Sustainable mobility requires alternatives to the car, especially in urban environments.…