Come on board and stay: There are many good reasons to join Hirschvogel. You will find the most important and impressive ones here. If you, too, want to take advantage of the freedom that is to be had far away from the structures of large corporations, and if you have the desire to push things forward and improve them, then you’ve come to the right place!


Down-to-earth individuals who are always up for something new and who like to think outside the box will find many exciting opportunities to launch and develop their careers with us. And that in an environment in which every single employee counts and can grow thanks to targeted support.


Of course we could describe the working environment at Hirschvogel. But it is far more impressive to actually experience it. This is because it is characterized by great colleagues, mutual support and a sense of unity that makes each of us part of Hirschvogel.


What unites all Hirschvogel employees worldwide is the pride in the successes of the company and thus in their own performance. Here at our company, everyone actively brings their ideas and know-how to the table, thereby contributing, along with their colleagues, to brilliant results.


Why is this so? Because at Hirschvogel, people have a fair, responsible employer behind them – an employer that rewards the passionate commitment of its employees with appreciation as well as with a variety of financial and social benefits.


Future needs tradition


Down-to-earth and traditional on the one hand; future-oriented, open, innovative and international on the other. The working world at Hirschvogel offers the best of both worlds. If you want to be part of a true community on a growth trajectory as well as a champion of high-tech products, then you’ve


We are a family business that cares.

Caring. Honest. Reliable. Our family-owned company still stands for the values practiced by the founding Hirschvogel family. Concern, loyalty and responsibility toward all employees, the will to be independent and to grow sustainably on a secure foundation continue to shape our corporate culture to this day.


Accordingly, we care intensively about the people at Hirschvogel and their (professional) environment. Because we know that our employees are our greatest asset. We owe our success and our impressive size to them – and we owe them our thanks.


We fulfil our obligation to our employees by creating a work setting that offers great creative freedom and considerable social benefits – not only in monetary terms. All this leads to a strong community, in which everyone is proud to be part of the international and successful company that is Hirschvogel.

We are all Hirschvogel.

Anyone who knows the working world at Hirschvogel quickly comes to appreciate it. The atmosphere here is deeply respectful, friendly and personal. People at Hirschvogel support each other intensively and communicate openly, honestly and directly – across all hierarchical levels. And we are committed to upholding this culture.


Such an atmosphere creates a very special sense of unity, which is also perceived by outsiders and, above all, by our customers. After all, everyone can see that we all speak the same language – across all locations and national boundaries. Here, all employees pursue common goals and carry Hirschvogel in their hearts. This strong sense of community nurtures mutual trust, which is the basis for working with a high degree of personal responsibility and freedom. Creativity, trying things out, inspiring colleagues – all this goes hand in hand with an active error culture.


And since every individual really identifies with Hirschvogel, they each see themselves as an entrepreneur in the company, helping to determine the course ahead. In short, the Hirschvogel team is a wonderfully uncomplicated, highly motivated and great community that enjoys and takes pride in its work – a community in which everyone pulls together.

Hirschvogel is a synonym for innovation and quality.

From the former village forge to a globally active technology company – that is the success story of Hirschvogel. One that is to be continued. After all, the company and its employees are continually adding new chapters. A great deal is “set in motion” here. The goal is to continue growing sustainably and, above all, together. As in the past, the people at Hirschvogel today continue to (pro-)actively and courageously embrace the future of the company. They operate internationally and always have their finger on the pulse of time.


How are visionary ideas and innovations generated at Hirschvogel? In a caring culture of excellence that encourages active participation, provides scope for personal and professional development, and that promotes idea management. All this, combined with our global sense of unity as well as the individual, exciting opportunities that the employees have to grow and make a meaningful contribution, renders Hirschvogel ready to master any challenge.


In order to live up to our claim of quality, technology and market leadership, we are happy to work together and go the extra mile for our customers. This is how we generate customized, technically sophisticated solutions that inspire the market with their lightweight design and perfection.