Electronic systems in vehicles need to be cooled to ensure lasting function and highly efficient performance. In particular, the large amounts of heat generated in the inverter of battery-electric vehicles must be dissipated with suitable cooling systems.


For this purpose, the forged heat sink components made of wrought aluminum alloys and copper from Hirschvogel are an ideal solution. Thanks to their very high conductivity combined with very good mechanical properties, they make a major contribution to effective cooling of these systems.

By means of cold forging, precise dimensions, individual pin geometries, thin wall thicknesses, and an increase in strength are possible, while hot forging is better suited to geometrically complex structures. In this way, Hirschvogel can fulfil individual requirements specific to each customer and benefit from its existing expertise in the production of forged components.


One partner for everything – Hirschvogel supplies ready-for-assembly components, including further processing such as stamping or machining operations, as required. Furthermore, heat treatment and the coating of components are also possible, depending on requirements. This is greatly appreciated by many our customers.

Production processes

  • Cold forging
  • Hot forging
  • Heat treatment
  • Milling
  • Stamping
  • Coating
  • Washing and packing according to cleanliness requirements


  • Wrought aluminum alloys
  • Copper


  • Very good conductivity
  • Pressure tightness
  • Good weldability
  • Variable wall thicknesses within a component