A transmission is also needed in electric vehicles. Although a single speed is usually sufficient, the high rpm of the electric motor must be transmitted to drive the wheels. When it comes to manufacturing transmission shafts, Hirschvogel always opts for flash-free warm and cold forging. Shafts produced in this way require a minimum machining allowance, which not only results in raw material savings but also reduces machining effort. Material savings in particular have a positive effect on the CO2 footprint. At the customer’s request, Hirschvogel can also carry out machining, including the production of ready-for-assembly gears. Modern production equipment guarantees that the most stringent specifications are fulfilled in terms of tolerances, balancing quality and technical cleanliness.

Production processes

  • Cold forging
  • Warm forging
  • Turning
  • Gear manufacturing
  • Case hardening
  • Hard turning
  • Grinding


  • Case-hardening steel
  • Heat-treatable steel


  • Low CO2 footprint
  • High balancing quality
  • Ready-for-assembly gears
  • Forging and machining from a single source