News 09/05/2023

The Hirschvogel Group Transforms More than Just its Product Range

The Hirschvogel Group will once again be represented in 2023 at the IAA MOBILITY in Munich. At the trade fair summit, which is taking place from September 4-8, Hirschvogel, as an international component manufacturer, will provide an insight into its product range of innovative vehicle concepts for rendering motorized mobility more sustainable and climate friendly.

“We are far advanced in the transformation of our product portfolio. By as early as 2025, we will generate more than half our sales with these products for the mobility of the future,” says Jörg Rückauf, CEO of the Group. “Furthermore, under the motto “GREEN. LEAN. SMART.” we want to continue consolidating our future viability and competitiveness as an industrial company that is anchored in the relevant market regions worldwide.”

In doing so, Hirschvogel is guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals and is already taking comprehensive action. A good product example at the trade fair booth are the differential bevel gears, over 80 percent of which the company supplies for battery-electric vehicles. On the basis of end-to-end value stream planning, the “green, lean, and smart” serial production of these differential bevel gears is digitally aided, automated, and highly efficient. The manufacturing processes are 100 percent electricity-based, with Hirschvogel set to further optimize its CO2 footprint in the near future thanks to the solar plant in Denklingen soon scheduled for connection to the grid.

“A smart factory concept that aims, for example, to simplify work processes for employees together with clearly defined, Group-wide decarbonization targets will set the direction for the coming years,” says COO Dr. Dirk Landgrebe. By as early as 2030, Hirschvogel aims to halve its Group-wide CO2 emissions compared to 2019, for instance by gradually dispensing with natural gas and increasing site-based power generation from renewable energies.

In addition to differential bevel gears, Hirschvogel will be presenting other components for cars and trucks at the IAA that are independent of the drive system or designed for the carbon-free drive concepts of tomorrow. These include forged aluminum control arms and wheel carriers, weight-reduced transmission and rotor shafts for the electrified powertrain as well as heat sinks for power electronics in electric vehicles.

Also on display are the first series components for fuel cell vehicles and vehicles with hydrogen combustion engines. Against the backdrop of the mobility turnaround, the company is committed to greater open-mindedness with regard to technology, viewing green hydrogen – as soon as it is available in sufficient quantities – as a fuel alternative, particularly in the heavy-duty sector.

For the micromobility market, Hirschvogel develops and produces a modular system of components under the brand name AXIMO, allowing electrified vehicle concepts, from e-bikes to light vehicles (L2e to L7e), to be implemented cost-effectively.

“In line with sustainability considerations, we are working on products and systems that are robust and durable – and that can also be repaired should damage ever occur,” says Michael Schleich, who is responsible at Hirschvogel for Corporate Development as well as for the Micromobility Business Unit.

Together with its cooperation partner FIT, AXIMO will soon be launching an e-bike drive system with a maintenance-free wheel hub motor. Visitors to the trade fair can even experience for themselves the safe and reliable riding experience of a CUBE Trike Hybrid with an AXIMO axle system, which has been available on the market since May. This riding experience at the trade fair has been made possible by Hirschvogel apprentices, who have integrated the cargo bike into a driving simulator.

At Hirschvogel, the promotion of young talent, employee qualification, and overarching cooperation are also key factors in ensuring the sustainable success of the company.


Fig. 1: The AXIMO axle system for three-wheeled cargo bikes ensures a safe and reliable riding experience, as can be verified on the driving simulator. © Hirschvogel Holding GmbH

Fig. 2: The advantages of Hirschvogel differential bevel gears are cleverly presented using augmented reality glasses. © Hirschvogel Holding GmbH

Fig. 3: Lightweight design solutions that can withstand high motor speeds: ready-for-assembly rotor shafts for e-motors in passenger cars and commercial vehicles. © Hirschvogel Holding GmbH

Fig. 4: An open-minded approach to technology: Among other things, Hirschvogel showcasing its first components for hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles. © Hirschvogel Holding GmbH

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