Our Die and Prototype Shop

Die Shop

We ensure that all forging presses of the Hirschvogel Automotive Group are provided with the appropriate tools and equipment based on requirements. This is an important prerequisite for achieving stable, high quality and cost-efficient forging processes.

Our Die Shop network at six Hirschvogel locations worldwide carries out the following tasks:

Development Partner

The Die Shop is involved early on in product and process development in order to ensure the economic production and performance of tool systems.

Die Shop

With modern production technologies and synchronized production, we supply forging production with tools that fulfill operational needs. Continually improving tool life is our daily business.

Tool, Jig and Fixture Manufacturing

For forging facilities we procure or produce tools, jigs and fixtures, such as holders for forging presses, and carry out regular maintenance and repair thereof.


Within a brief space of time, prototypes are produced in the Die Shop by means of machining or using generative processes. While these do not have the same properties as the forged part, they are rapidly available to the customer for first assembly tests.

Overall winner of the “Die Shop of the Year 2010” award
Overall winner of the “Die Shop of the Year 2010” award
die shop award