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Sought-After Know-How

Every automotive manufacturer and supplier has individual needs. That is why during product development of a part, we mostly work together with customers in a simultaneous engineering process. During this process, the part is engineered and the subsequent production process is planned. Our goal is to allow our know-how in the areas of forging and machining to flow into this phase of part conception and design.

Finding the Best Choice

Due to our experience in processing and heat treating various materials, we are able to assist customers in selecting the right one to meet their requirements. In so doing, we naturally consider and assess all necessary quality inspections.

State-of-the-art Technology Included

During the product development phase, we ensure that all departments and areas which are involved in the generation phase contribute to the process using modern work methods according to the state of the art. These include simulation technologies with the aid of FEM, CA technology, the quality methods FMEA, SPC, MFU, PFU and APQP.

The result of good part development may be seen each time our customers receive an optimum component and reliable serial production at economically efficient manufacturing costs.