Input shafts for hybrid modules connect the combustion engine with the P2 hybrid module. The input shaft also accommodates the lamellae splines for the clutch. At Hirschvogel, we manufacture both monoblock variants as well as two-piece welded designs comprising a shaft and sheet metal.


The monoblock types have two decisive advantages. By means of forging, a stop can be generated at one end of the lamellae splines. This holds the mounted coupling lamellae during assembly, thereby simplifying handling. Compared with sheet metal solutions, tool costs can be significantly reduced, which represents a decisive advantage, particularly for medium quantities.

Production processes

  • Warm forging
  • Turning
  • Drilling
  • Hard turning
  • Grinding
  • ECM deburring
  • Plasma nitriding


  • Induction-hardening steels
  • Case-hardening steels


  • Monoblock forging
  • Forged splines on hollow shaft section