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From central innovation to global production.

The Hirschvogel Group is one the largest international automotive suppliers in the area of steel and aluminum forging as well as subsequent machining. Our customers include all renowned automotive manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. And we are now also in the fast lane in other industries, too.

After all, when it comes to high-strength and weight-optimized parts and components, we are able to bring vast experience and innovative spirit to the table. In addition, we have efficient know-how in implementing completely new solutions quickly and cost-effectively.

Our development partnerships also know no limits. We have been working together with partners from industry and universities for a long time now in order to jointly tap innovation potential. After all, no one can create the future on their own.

Strong roots.

Founded in 1938 as Hammerwerk OHG, Hirschvogel Umformtechnik GmbH is the largest production plant and, at the same time, the origin and development center of the Hirschvogel Group. At the lead plant in Denklingen, all steel forging processes and combinations thereof are carried out.

A Lighter Future.

With Hirschvogel Aluminium GmbH, we started a new era with “lightweight” products in the year 2000. The production building of this business division is located in the immediate vicinity of Hirschvogel Eisenach GmbH. Hirschvogel Aluminium GmbH produces high-strength and weight-optimized hot forged aluminum parts.

Future Market: Asia.

Hirschvogel Automotive Components was founded in Pinghu near Shanghai in 2006. Here, hot, warm and cold forged parts made of steel and aluminum, including the machining thereof, are produced for our customers in China.

Active in India’s Automotive Market.

With the purchase of the shares from a former joint venture partner in India, the 100% subsidiary Hirschvogel Components India was founded in 2012. Located in Sanaswadi near Pune, this modern production plant produces forged and machined parts for the Indian market.

Global Presence.

Hirschvogel Components Mexico is the most recent addition to the Hirschvogel Group. Since the end of 2017, the San Juan del Río site has been producing forged and machined parts for the local automotive market.

Also On Site in Eastern Europe.

A joint venture with the Japanese automotive supplier, Kotani Corporation, was established at the end of 2009. In mid-2011, Hirschvogel Holding GmbH took over the remaining shares of this joint venture partner. Hirschvogel Components Poland in Gliwice produces warm and warm/cold forged parts, including the machining thereof.

Go East.

Hirschvogel Eisenach GmbH – founded in 1991 as the first German subsidiary plant – emerged from the forging department of the former automotive manufacturer, Automobilwerke Eisenach (AWE). In 1997, a new plant was built in the industrial area of Marksuhl in the municipality Gerstungen, 20 kilometers southwest of Eisenach. Here, hot, warm and cold forged parts are produced.

Foothold in the USA.

In 1988, Hirschvogel Incorporated was founded in Columbus/Ohio, USA as the first international subsidiary. Besides cold-forged parts, the plant also produces warm-forged parts and, if required, carries out the subsequent machining thereof.

Ready-for-assembly According to Customer Wishes.

Hirschvogel Komponenten GmbH in Schongau (approx. 15 kilometers south of Denklingen) is the machining plant of the Group. Since 1999, this plant has been processing forged parts by means of machining and other finishing operations – if necessary, through to the ready-for-assembly state.