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We are who we are... because we are the way we are!

Hirschvogel is a global leader in the production and machining of forged steel and aluminum components for the automotive industry and its suppliers. With around 6,000 employees at nine plants around the world, we provide renowned automotive manufacturers and system suppliers with technically sophisticated, ready-for-assembly components that impress with their precision and lightweight design.

The results of our work are certainly in evidence. After all, our components can be found in almost one in three vehicles worldwide. That makes us proud – and it makes us an impressive employer. Why? Because our success, our internationality and the diversity of our products, topics and tasks continuously open up new development paths. Not to mention the fact that Hirschvogel, as a family-owned company, stands for an enormous degree of responsibility toward its employees.

What sets us apart? Impressive benefits, true team spirit, very strong personal interaction, and a work culture that encourages employees to play a part in shaping the company and to try things out. To keep things that way, we go to great lengths for our customers and employees.

»Appreciation and warmth in interaction with and between employees are very important to me. What makes Hirschvogel so special? At Hirschvogel, it is the well-being of the employees that is very much in focus, much more than the profitability targets of the shareholders. I come from a large corporation, and I am impressed by how uncomplicated it is to plan here at Hirschvogel and how investments are made to safeguard the company in the long-term.«

Walter Bauer, Management Board