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Component Solutions for Electromobility

The emission standards passed worldwide over the past few years stipulate a considerable reduction of harmful emissions in road traffic. This lends momentum particularly to vehicles with electric powertrains. Hirschvogel has been addressing the topic of electromobility intensively for many years now and already produces a number of serial parts for such applications.


First Serial Orders for newly developed Steel 16MnCr5 mod (H2)

Cost and resource efficiency are among the main drivers of further developements in the area of forged materials and components for the automotive industry. The steel grade H2, developed on the basis of 16MnCr5, addresses these megatrends in an optimum way.

The developement efforts of the steel manufacturer GMH and the Hirschvogel Automotive Group are now being rewarded with the first customer serial orders. In the near future, this steel will be used by two different customers in two different applications.


Higher Pressures in Gasoline Direct Injection with Forged Parts

The reduction in the consumption of gasoline engines achieved by improving engine efficiency and the requirement for lower emissions result in increased injection pressures in gasoline injection. This subjects the components to higher loads. Furthermore, the regulations relating to the maximum emission of hydrocarbons from vehicle fuel systems are becoming increasingly stringent.

Components made of forged materials will fulfill these demands to a great extent.


New Steels Reduce Costs

The costs of forged components are determined to a large degree by the material used. Correspondingly, material cost savings haven an enormous effect on the overall costs of the forged part. Ideally, optimizing materials also leads to additional savings potential when it comes to costs. This potential has now been leveraged in three different applications (structural parts, case-hardened parts, induction-hardened parts).


Developed Once, Produced Worldwide

An interview with Dr. Alfons Hätscher, Frank Anisits and Dr. Thomas Brücher, Hirschvogel Holding

Published first in: AUTOMOBIL INDUSTRIE 04/2013


For Extreme Conditions - Hydraulic Presses in the Automotive Supply Industry

Published first in: fluid 01 - 02/2013 page 14 ff


Never Losing Sight of the Process Chain

An interview with Dr. Alfons Hätscher and Dr. Thomas Brücher, Hirschvogel Holding
Published first in AUTOMOBIL PRODUKTION February 2013


Intelligent Lightweight Design with Forging

Published first in:


New Forged Steels

Published first in: ATZ
Automobiltechnische Zeitschrift 114 (2012), No. 3, pp. 200 - 205


Part Failure due to Deformed Manganese Sulfides

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Forging - Producing Parts in a Resource-Efficient Way

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Maschinen Markt