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Numerous Long-Serving Employees at the Hirschvogel Plant in Denklingen

Denklingen. Recently, the Executive Board of Hirschvogel Holding GmbH again had the opportunity to congratulate several employees at the Denklingen plant on 20, 25, 30 and 35 years of company service.


Hirschvogel Apprentices Donate 1,000 Euros to the Tabaluga Children’s Foundation

The Hirschvogel apprentices organized a raffle at their Christmas party and decided to donate the proceeds, which were rounded up by Hirschvogel Holding GmbH, to a good cause. The Youth and Apprentice Representatives opted to donate the money to the Tabaluga Children's Foundation.

The goal of this Foundation is provide children in need with a proper and sustainable perspective for the future. Children who can no longer live with their families have the opportunity to grow up in family-like residential groups in the children's homes in Tutzing, Schongau and Peißenberg. The apprentices were also impressed by the newly created "Orange House", which thanks to its rich variety of services represents a therapy and creative center for these children and young people as well as for socially needy children from the region.

The donation was presented in the "Sternstundenhaus" in Peißenberg, where seriously ill and traumatized children and their families have the chance to recover and draw their strength. Andrea Helmschrott (Corporate Public Relations, Hirschvogel Holding GmbH) and five apprentices who visited there were impressed by the pleasant, caring atmosphere and by the beautiful, child-friendly rooms. They were pleased to hand over a check to the value of 1,000 euros to the Head of the Foundation office, Cathrin Diez. "I would like to express my warmest thanks to you and the really lovely young people for their visit and above all for their great initiative in raising money for the benefit of our Tabaluga Children's Foundation. We will make the entire donation available to our "Drachennest" children's home in Schongau, as there is a regional connection to the company Hirschvogel."


Hirschvogel Donates 2,000 Euros to the St. Alban Children’s Home in Diessen

Social responsibility is one of the main pillars of the company philosophy at the Hirschvogel Automotive Group. For decades, the plant in Denklingen has been supporting local clubs, associations and institutions; for the fourth time now, the company has refrained from giving Christmas gifts to business partners, instead donating the money to social institutions, primarily for children.

In 2012, the decision was made to donate money to the St. Alban children's home in Diessen on Lake Ammer. Here, babies, young children, school children and youths are looked after in 6 residential groups with up to 12 children. These children can stay for a temporary period or permanently in the St. Alban children's home due to deficits in their social and family environment. The goal is to reintegrate the children into their families. However, in many cases this is unfortunately no longer possible. Teenagers from the age of 16 then have the option of moving from their residential group into supervised living quarters, where they are prepared in a targeted way for becoming independent. They are also able to complete their apprenticeship beyond their 18th birthday.

When visiting the children's home, Claudia Bieberstein (left, Head of Corporate Public Relations, Hirschvogel Holding GmbH) and her two co-workers Andrea Helmschrott and Michaela Simon (third and fourth from left) were impressed by the pleasant and caring atmosphere in the children's home. They were pleased to hand over a check worth 2,000 euros to the head of the home, Sister Ingeborg Ott. "To cover basic living needs, we receive a daily allowance for each child from the Child Welfare Offices. But we are always very grateful for donations, which we can use to finance toys, excursions and learning material for the children. The children should be given the chance to grow up as normally as possible here."


Hirschvogel Komponenten GmbH Donates 1,000 Euros to Childminders Community “KimBa”

For decades the Hirschvogel Automotive Group has been supporting local clubs, associations and institutions. For the fourth time, the company has decided to refrain from giving Christmas gifts to business partners, instead using the money to make donations to local social institutions, primarily for children.

"With this donation, we wish to honor the courage, creativity and dedication of the KimBa initiators in assuming social responsibility and ensuring that there are sufficient day-care places available for young children in Schongau," said Plant Manager Albert Kees as he handed over the check. The first contact which Hirschvogel had to KimBa arose through a long-standing collaboration with the Employment Agency and the Youth Welfare Offices. "We were particularly impressed by the concept of KimBa in providing trained personnel to offer flexible childcare (for one to ten year olds) and short-term care to complement the offer at kindergartens, crèches and after-school care clubs. This certainly assists our company in getting nearer to the goal of reconciling the work and family life of our employees," explained Claus Fischer, Head of HR at the Schongau plant.

At KimBa e. V. in Schongau, the goal is to create an environment in which children feel comfortable and secure, with plenty of stimuli for playing and learning. Fixed rituals and structures, the opportunity for the children to try things out for themselves and discover new things, eating together, as well as creative games and board games which promote a sense of community are all part of the daily routine.

Birgit Risse and Diana Luchsbacher, who came to the Schongau plant to represent KimBa and to accept the check, were visibly moved: "We are thrilled about the donation and can put the money to very good use in financing the next steps for further developing KimBa," said Birgit Risse, one of the founding members of the non-profit association, KimBa.


Benefit Concert of the Music Bands from Hilti, Hirschvogel and Rational - A Complete Success

7,500 euros for the Lebenshilfe Landsberg (an organization for supporting disabled people)

On October 21, a joint benefit concert took place at the town theater in Landsberg am Lech with the music bands from Hilti GmbH, Hirschvogel Holding GmbH and RATIONAL AG - the three largest employers in the district of Landsberg. Under the motto "Music Unites Us", the music bands provided a diverse evening of entertainment.

Recently, a check to the value of 7,500 euros was presented to the Director of the Lebenshilfe Landsberg, Mr. Warth. Mr. Warth took the opportunity to inform the representatives of the three companies and the conductors of each of the music bands that this donation sum would flow directly into the Foundation of the Lebenshilfe Landsberg to stock up their capital. This will enable the financing of several different projects.

The Lebenshilfe Landsberg was founded in 1968 to provide a suitable place to people with mental disabilities for receiving care and support. The purpose of the Foundation of the Lebenshilfe, established in 2008, is to provide sustained support to people with disabilities from the town and district of Landsberg.


Renewed Expansion at Hirschvogel in Schongau

For the fifth time since its founding in 1999, Hirschvogel Komponenten GmbH in Schongau has expanded its production space.