Constant-velocity joint with Hirth gears

Constant-velocity joint with Hirth gears

Rzeppa housing with Hirth gears

Ball joints are the outer joints of the constant-velocity shaft and enable a high bending angle during homokinetic torque transmission. Conventionally, the torque is transmitted via splines into the wheel hub. When using a Rzeppa with Hirth teeth, the cold forged face gear assumes this function. Thanks to strain hardening, the Hirth teeth do not require hardening, thereby reducing production costs, lowering system weight and shortening the assembly path. If these gears were to be produced by means of machining, the whole process would be considerably more costly.


Application Area

  • Powertrain
  • Constant-velocity shaft


  • Induction-hardening steel

Production Process

  • Warm forged
  • Cold calibrated


  • Ready-for-assembly forged Hirth gears with weight advantage and shorter assembly path
  • Near-net-shape internal geometry
  • Hirth gears can be used without additional heat treatment