Gasoline rail

In gasoline injection systems, injection pressures are continuously increasing (> 350 bar), particularly in direct injection applications. This not only serves to improve engine efficiency but also to fulfill the legal emissions requirements. To achieve these higher pressures, today's casting and soldering applications are being gradually replaced by pressure-tight forging solutions. The gasoline common rail is hot forged from corrosion-resistant austenitic steel (martensite is also possible) and subsequently machined to render it ready for assembly. The design possibilities of hot forging allow a single-piece component to be produced which, in contrast to the classic brazed rail solution, can be easily stiffened in local areas. The part is supplied with an assembled pressure sensor and is leakage tested.

Here, we assume responsibility for development, including all validations and inspections. There are special requirements with respect to pressure tightness, the assembly of add-on components and cleanliness levels.


Technical specifications

Application Area Gasoline common rail, gasoline injection
Material Stainless steel
Porduction process Assembled, deep-hole drilled, hot forged, machined ready for assembly
Characteristics High-pressure resistant, corrosion-free gasoline injection part, ready for assembly with pressure sensor, leakage tested