Steel piston base

In every conventional combustion engine, the piston is the element which transfers the energy supplied by the combustion process onto the conrod. Steel pistons have long been used in the area of commercial vehicles; in passenger cars they have only recently been employed – with a Hirschvogel part in the first series application. Thanks to a high level of development know-how at Hirschvogel, it is possible to reduce machining efforts in a targeted way by introducing geometrical elements onto the raw part during the hot forging process.


Technical specifications

Application Area Crank drive, engine
Material Dispersion-hardening steel, heat-treatable steel
Porduction process Hot forged
Characteristics High part complexity possible, high dimensional accuracy possible with the forging process, near-net-shape contours reduce machining efforts, single-part piston with inner cooling duct possible, multi-part steel piston for passenger cars: different material combinations possible