Eccentric shaft: 6-cylinder engine

The eccentric shaft is the control shaft of a variable valve train system. Its rotational position determines the valve stroke. For this reason, maximum precision is required for the control cams of the eccentric shaft. With a length of 560 mm and a diameter of 19 mm, this part is highly prone to distortion. The eccentric shaft is produced from dispersion-hardening steel by means of hot forging. It then undergoes several machining operations before a final plasma nitriding process is carried out in-house.

During the preliminary stage, the splines are milled and the bearing (cylindrical) as well as the eccentric shaft (non-cylindrical) are ground. The parts can be 100% traced via the laser-cut data matrix code (DMC).


Technical specifications

Application Area Engine, valve train
Material Dispersion-hardening steel
Porduction process Gear manufactured, grinded, hot forged, machined ready for assembly, plasma nitrided
Characteristics Ready-for-assembly precision part in large series production