Wheel hub with integrated brake disk connection

Wheel hub and brake disk in hat shape: That is the classic design philosophy in the chassis. More recent developments opt for a flat brake disk without a monoblock cast connection to the disk. In addition, the wheel hub and brake disk are joined by a forged aluminum or deep-drawn steel sheet-metal holder. Hirschvogel is now going a step further by joining a suitably forged wheel hub directly with the brake disk. This makes weight savings possible compared to the monoblock cast brake disk. In comparison to the solutions using an aluminum or steel brake disk holder, a reduction in the number of parts and in assembly efforts are possible, thus leading to lower costs. Furthermore, the wheel hub becomes a visible part for the first time. With suitably designed wheel rims, the sleek design adds an extra touch of sporty flair to the appearance of the wheels.


Technical specifications

Application Area Chassis, wheel hubs
Material Bainitic steel, dispersion-hardening steel, heat-treatable steel, induction hardening steel
Porduction process Hot forged, machined
Characteristics Filigree design, weight and cost savings, highly sporty look through sleek system design