Lightweight wheel hub

The wheel hub serves to hold and center the wheel and the brake disk. When the axles are driven, the wheel hub transfers the driving power to the wheel and ensures stable support thereof under various vehicle loads. In this way, it fulfils an important, safety-relevant function and, as an unsprung mass, it should also have a lightweight design. Hirschvogel offers parts which are optimized with respect to material and geometry, thereby fulfilling the requirements for reliability and low weight.

We produce more than 3 million wheel hubs per year in a weight-optimized design. A special feature are the broached internal splines, which are produced in series with a diameter tolerance between the balls of 20 µm. Upon customer request, the parts are coated and, if necessary, equipped with additional mounting bolts.


Technical specifications

Application Area Chassis, wheel hubs
Material Bainitic steel, dispersion-hardening steel, heat-treatable steel, induction hardening steel
Porduction process Assembled, gear manufactured, hot forged
Characteristics Lightweight wheel hub with weight-optimized geometry