The Lightweight Forging Initiative - Phase II: Light Commercial Vehicle Demonstrates 99 kg of Lightweight Design Potential

In 2014, the first phase of The Lightweight Forging Initiative highlighted a lightweight design potential of 42 kg for a medium-sized car. Due to the positive reactions of the customers in the automotive industry and based on the good cooperation among the companies of The Lightweight Forging Initiative, it was decided to continue activities. During the second phase, a light commercial vehicle in the form of a van was analyzed. Employing the proven procedure, a second-hand vehicle was procured and completely disassembled at the automotive engineering institute, fka Aachen. By adding up the lightweight design potential of the best ideas, a weight-savings potential of 99 kg is revealed for this vehicle. The strong involvement of Hirschvogel in initiating, designing and participating in The Lightweight Forging Initiative - not least due to Dr. Hans-Willi Raedt’s continued role as its Chairman - impressively demonstrates the lightweight design expertise of the Hirschvogel Automotive Group for mobility applications.