Patent Granted: Chamfers on Forged Part Saves on the Machining Costs of Components with Gear Teeth

Forged parts have always been used as machining blanks for transmission components with gear teeth. For a long time there have been efforts to likewise forge the gears onto the components. In the case of spur gears, however, an economic solution has not yet been found.

The Hirschvogel Automotive Group has now been granted a patent for reducing the machining costs when machining components with gears, without the need to take the big step of pre-forging the shapes. Hirschvogel proposes to forge chamfers on a largely rotationally symmetric billet in those regions where the machining tool exits the workpiece during the production of the gears.

It is thus possible to achieve a savings potential in machining while still largely retaining the existing process chain; the costs for the forged part increase only negligibly.