BBAC Supplier Day 2016 - Hirschvogel is an Outstanding BBAC Supplier

At the convention center of Beijing Benz Automotive Co., Ltd. (BBAC) in Peking, this year’s BBAC Supplier Day took place on July 29. In view of the company’s extremely successful year in 2015, with over 250,000 vehicles sold from local production in China, and a 40 % production increase during the first half of 2016, 500,000 vehicles will roll off the production line at the BBAC plant, and three additional models will be built locally in the next few years. These goals can only be achieved with massive support from BBAC’s suppliers. And so, as part of this year’s event, eight suppliers were awarded the “BBAC Supplier Award” for their outstanding services. In the category “Production Material” (vehicle components and systems) Hirschvogel was presented with the “BBAC Quality Supplier Award” for the quality performance of forged aluminum steering knuckles and wheel carriers as well as for wheel hubs. This award from BBAC is the result of the continuous improvement of our quality and supply performance in the past.