Conscious Environmental Commitment

The goal we have set ourselves is to protect the environment in a sustained way, taking into account economic and ecological demands. In all that we do, the Hirschvogel Group thus attaches the greatest value to the best possible use of resources and to protecting the environment. Proof of our commitment is the certification of our environmental management systems according to the international DIN EN ISO 14001 standard.

Our Vision

  • We protect the environment in all processes.
  • Efficient handling of resources informs all that we do.
  • Therein we see our self as a pioneer in this sector.

Our Guidelines

  • Our goal is to continually improve our corporate environmental performance. Adherence to all laws and regulations forms the basis of our actions. An open dialog with customers, authorities and the public is important to us.
  • Environmental protection affects all employees. By means of training we achieve a high level of environmental awareness. Our suppliers are integrated into our corporate environmental protection system.
  • We act in a foresighted way. Through preventive environmental protection, we pay attention to given environmental and energy aspects during the entire production process, from the raw material to the finished product. An existing contingency plan guarantees reliable action in exceptional circumstances.
  • Through targeted measures, we protect resources, minimize emissions and avoid or recycle waste. Of particular importance is the continual improvement of energy efficiency when planning and implementing our processes.
  • Internal and external audits serve to monitor the effectiveness of our environmental and energy management system.