Our Mission Statement

We are a world-class company in our markets.
We are one group of companies.

Our Basic Principles

1. We are and will remain a financially and ­economically independent,
family-owned enterprise:

  • We are committed to achieving the profit margin required to finance internally our ­research and investment needs.
  • In this way, we can continue our growth with the necessary profitability.


2. The interests of the Group as a whole always take top priority:

  • We loyally support decisions made by our ­Shareholders and the Holding Company.
  • We recognize that unified processes and ­standards are self-evident business

Our Values

1. Hirschvogel's caring culture of excellence embodies the following:

  • Performance and success are economically necessary and result in high motivation, which in turn leads to success.
  • We cultivate a work atmosphere which respects each individual and the environment.
  • We express our dedication to the company by fulfilling our tasks.


2. All employees are guided by the company values:

  • Teamwork: We can only succeed by working ­together with a shared sense of commitment and mutual appreciation.
  • Power to Integrate: We contribute to the Group’s common goals and effectively integrate differences.
  • Ability to Develop: We develop ourselves and the business.


3. The management exemplifies the values that are mandatory for all

Our Vision and Goals

We deliver sophisticated forged parts, components and systems at the highest quality to our customers worldwide.

We actively meet shifting market and product requirements.

We strive to develop an increasing number of products with unique selling points.