History of the Hirschvogel Automotive Group - Milestones.


Construction of a new plant in San Juan del Río, Mexico, and start of production; completion of a new forging hall at Hirschvogel Automotive Components (Pinghu) Co., Ltd. in China; expansion of machining at Hirschvogel Incorporated in the US with the construction of a new building; construction of Hall 2 at Hirschvogel Components Poland Sp. z o.o.; 10-year anniversary of the Frank Hirschvogel Foundation.


Hirschvogel Components India Pvt. Ltd. moves from Ranjangaon to Sanaswadi, followed by inauguration of the new plant; expansion of Hirschvogel Komponenten GmbH with the construction of Hall 8; founding of Hirschvogel Components Mexico S.A. de C.V.; 25-year anniversary of Hirschvogel Eisenach GmbH; 10-year anniversary of  Hirschvogel Automotive Components (Pinghu) Co., Ltd.; start of the new business area "Hirschvogel Tech Solutions". With total sales of 1.011 billion euros, the billion-euro sales mark was exceeded for the first time.


Installation of the first 2,000 ton cold press with servo direct drive in the new Hall 16 in Denklingen; Extension of the Hirschvogel Komponenten GmbH with the construction of the Hall 7; 25 years of further processing and 15th anniversary of the Hirschvogel Komponenten GmbH.


Sales exceed 800 million euros for the first time; construction of a new plant of Hirschvogel Components India; inauguration of the new social building at the Marksuhl site; expansion of the Hirschvogel Umformtechnik GmbH in Denklingen with the construction of hall 16.

emma hirschvogel 2013


Hirschvogel is proud to look back on 75 years of company history and celebrates with guests and employees as well as with an Open Day for the public. On June 14, shareholder Emma Hirschvogel dies aged 94; 25-year anniversary of Hirschvogel Incorporated

new management


In January, Frank M. Anisits, Dr. Thomas Brücher and Dr. Alfons Hätscher take over as Executive Vice Presidents of the Holding; purchase of the shares of the joint venture partner in India and renaming this new 100 % subsidiary "Hirschvogel Components India Pvt. Ltd."

expansion hirschvogel holding


Frank M. Anisits joins the Executive Board of the Holding; 20th company anniversary at Hirschvogel Eisenach GmbH; takeover of the shares of the joint venture partner in Poland and renaming this new 100 % subsidiary "Hirschvogel Components Poland Sp. z o.o."; expansion of production in China with the construction of a third hall; with more than 3,500 employees, the Hirschvogel Automotive Group achieves sales of around 760 million euros.

Dr. Manfred Hirschvogel


On July 3, majority shareholder and CEO Dr. Manfred Hirschvogel passes away suddenly and unexpectedly; establishment of an Advisory Board; Josef X. Baumeister and Dr. Dirk Landgrebe take over the Executive Management of the Holding; the Group achieves total sales of around 600 million euros with almost 3,000 employees.

Japanese joint venture partner Kotani


Founding of Hirschvogel Holding GmbH as the parent company of all Hirschvogel companies; new presence in Poland together with Japanese joint venture partner Kotani under the name Hirschvogel Kotani Poland Sp. z o.o.

Emma Hirschvogel


90th birthday of Emma Hirschvogel; construction of a new Training Center in Denklingen; takeover of the joint venture shares of Forjas Brasileiras by MAHLE and Hirschvogel, and formation of MAHLE HIRSCHVOGEL FORJAS S.A.; founding of the joint venture Hirschvogel Kalyani India Pvt. Ltd. with Kalyani Thermal Systems Ltd. in India.

frank hirschvogel foundation logo


Founding of the Frank Hirschvogel Foundation for securing the family enterprise in the long-term, and restructuring of the shareholders; expansion of Hirschvogel Eisenach GmbH with the construction of Hall 4

employee participation


Founding of the employee participation company "Hirschvogel Mitarbeiterbeteiligung GmbH"

Joint Ventures in China


Setup of a fully automated 25,000 kN cold forging press at Hirschvogel Umformtechnik GmbH; dissolution of the joint venture in China and founding of a 100 % subsidiary, Hirschvogel Automotive Components (Pinghu) Co., Ltd., with the construction of a new plant; construction of a new hall at Hirschvogel Incorporated for the area of machining; introduction of swaging at the Denklingen plant

Hirschvogel Umformtechnik GmbH


Reorganization of Hirschvogel Umformtechnik GmbH by introducing a profit center structure, and acquisition of a new office building; sales exceed 250 million euros for the first time.

hall 15


Founding of the joint venture in China with the Taiwanese partner Chian Hsing Forging; construction of Hall 15 in Denklingen for producing constant-velocity joints using an optimized, linked material flow system. Karl Schuster (long-standing Executive Director Production): "Every time we built a new hall, we thought we had made adequate provisions for the following few years and would never again need a larger one."

Hirschvogel Aluminium GmbH


Founding of Hirschvogel Aluminium GmbH at a new plant in Marksuhl for producing aluminum parts

Hirschvogel Komponenten Logo


The machining department moves from Denklingen into a newly built plant in Schongau, and with this the independent company Hirschvogel Komponenten GmbH is founded; shares in the third largest forge in Brazil, Forjas Brasileiras; construction of Hall 13 in Denklingen

Hirschvogel Eisenach GmbH


Hirschvogel Eisenach GmbH moves into a new plant on a rural site in Marksuhl; startup of Hall 12 in Denklingen. Dr. Manfred Hirschvogel: "In this hall, new production procedures were planned for the first time; in a single building forgings should be produced in one workflow from the supplied steel bar to the ready-for-dispatch component."

VW following closure of the cold forging department in Wolfsburg


Takeover of machines and production lines from VW following closure of the cold forging department in Wolfsburg

Hirschvogel Eisenach GmbH


Founding of the subsidiary Hirschvogel Eisenach GmbH through the purchase of the forging department of the former Wartburg-Werke; set up of the Training Center at the heart of Denklingen

Hirschvogel Incorporated


50th company anniversary; sales rise for the first time above 100 million D-mark; start of internationalization with the founding of the first subsidiary abroad, namely Hirschvogel Incorporated in Columbus/Ohio. Here, cold forged parts are produced for the US market.

warm forging


The company changes its name from Hirschvogel KG to Hirschvogel Umformtechnik GmbH with the Executive Managers Willy and Dr. Manfred Hirschvogel; introduction of an additional forging process, namely warm forging. Dr. Manfred Hirschvogel: "As one of only a few companies, we took up what was then the new process of warm extrusion into large-scale industrial production."

Hirschvogel KG Hall 3


Renaming of the company from OHG to Hirschvogel KG with the general partners Anton, Willy and Emma Hirschvogel; Construction of Hall 2 (hot forging plant) and Hall 3 (heat treatment and quality assurance) at the new location outside of Denklingen; relocation of the press forge from the center of Denklingen to the new site

new hall outside


Construction of a new hall outside of Denklingen on today's premises near the B17 road. This was the first production hall on a rural site, chosen in order to avoid noise pollution and to create space for expansion possibilities; founding of the Pension Fund by Emma and Willy Hirschvogel as a company retirement provision for the employees

new machinery

1945 - 1950

Partial dismantling of the machinery following the Second World War; arduous rebuilding; parts are forged for agricultural machines as well as hammers and chisels.

1938 Founding of the industrial forge


Founding of the industrial forge "Hammerwerk Hirschvogel OHG" by engineer Willy Hirschvogel together with his brothers Anton and Hans; first forging unit is a used drop-board hammer; 5 employees generate sales of 26,000 German reichsmark.